Mate Light

What is the Mate-Light

The Mate-Light is a giant pixel display. It has 640 pixels and a resolution of 40x16.

Can I display my own messages on the Mate-Light

Yes, please do so. Connect to Mate-Light using Telnet (Telnet is disabled, please use HTTP or UDP): There is even an App for that (Android only).

How can I send my own pictures to the Mate-Light

Create a 1924 bytes long array containing the following: Send this array as one single UDP datagram to:

Where can I find out more?

Our Github repository has the source code and links to many other projects that use Mate-Light as a display.

What to do if you made something amazing using Mate-Light?

Please send us a note with a link to your repo or your source code to one of the following contacts: